My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Smile Can Be a Magic Wand

A smile is, like music as mentioned in my last post, something that can be magical but we tend to take it for granted. I would suggest to all wise magicians that you take a moment and think of times when a smile has made your life better. Perhaps you smiled at a stranger who ended up being a dear friend. Perhaps you smiled through tears and managed to more fully experience how much you cherished that which you had lost. Going to that place of love helped ease the pain. Perhaps your smile was a recognition that what you saw as funny was also relief that you had not suffered the pratfall you were watching. As you remember the times a smile has brought goodness to your life I hope you will resolve to engage in this act of creating magic often and long. I also want to suggest that a smile can bring magic to your life when no one else in around. Often it is when we are alone that we feel that bit of angst that makes us want to call up magic. Try this simple exercise to see what I mean. Let your mind take on a slightly blah mood. Now do a slight shake of your head, smile and open your eyes a bit as you look up to the right. I find it hard to continue feeling blah when I do that. Studies in pupillometry have shown that the pupil widens to let in more light when we are paying more attention to something. By widening our eyes in the gesture I just suggested you are letting "light" into your life. Do this a few times and you may find yourself making up all kinds of puns and jokes about what you are doing. I just gave a big "smile" to the neighbor's irritating yappy dogs and thought of ways to laugh instead of snarl when they just won't shut up. A smile can be a tool of courage when you contemplate taking on a big task. A smile has many magical uses. Wield your smile wand well and wisely (meaning any way you so choose). May the spark be with you.

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