My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How Big Is Your Field Of Magic?

I was thinking about the way I often reach into the field of magic that surrounds me to get energy to meet my daily goals. I was thinking about the way I feel that field to be a small intimate and friendly cloak. But I have a problem with that. I am trying to live in a bigger world. My happy world of painting a partridge and fastening it in our pear tree, of working one on one to help people read better, of writing fantasy novels for teens is a comfortable and joyous world. But I
have been feeling a need to have a bigger influence, to spread the word about the inner genius in everyone, to teach people how to hook into their commonsense and their magical self as well. I am wondering, tonight, if the metaphor that I have found to be so useful can be utilized to help me move out into a bigger world. It will still be a world of awakening one genius at a time. I will still care about 'Mother Nature'. I will still believe in the magic of questioning hyperbole. Perhaps my cloak will stretch. Lately I have been getting a good response to every reach-out action I have taken. Any response at all I would consider a benefit. I used to be so shy I couldn't even admit that I liked to write. Perhaps that is the magical learning tonight...the field that surrounds us is as big or as little as it needs to be. Therefore I suggest to every wise magician that if you need to stretch your wings to fly, your field of magic will help you rather than constrain you. May the spark be with you.

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