My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Magic Of Music

I am amazed that I haven't written about all the ways music bring good things to your life before this. I had a double major in Music and Social Studies when I got my BS. I am a musician. But I suspect I was just taking this wonderful tool for granted. Then I stopped by my e-mail on the way to doing my blog and listened to a song my brother Carl sent me. "I'm Trying". I liked the song. I liked watching it on media player with all the color and patterns. I'm at a period in my life right now when I'm doing a lot of trying and the learning curve is steep. Sometimes I let that stress me out. But reflecting on the earlier conversation with my brother and listening to the song gave me a sense of things being softened and evening out. Then I thought about all the work songs I know, how they helped people get through hard manual labor. Lullabies help sleep come to us. Hymns help us reach towards the sacred. Country and Western songs help us stand back from the dramas of daily life. We use songs to cheer us on. We use songs to learn. The use of music is vast and easy to hook into. Earlier today I was helping a woman learn some things about mathematics and how to take tests more rapidly. She was dumping on herself, calling herself dumb. I told her that learning to walk, talk and feed herself are all more complex than learning a few things about ratios, that she had to be smarter than she realized. She got the point and was able to focus on what I was teaching her. I think that when I see her next week I will suggest she make up a little ditty to help her courage or to help her learn. Music is a great help in learning. If you listen to largo movements of symphonies by musician like Handel just before you study, your mind will absorb more facts and retain them longer. Another wonderful thing about music for working magic in daily life is that it is as close as our voice. Or at least our car radio. So I suggest to all wise magicians, work magic with music. Sing your spells to help them come true. May the spark be with you.

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