My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Magic Of Your Name Or Names

A couple of nights ago I was listening to, actually studying, a two hour video by Tony Robbins, the strategic intervention Guru, among other things. He mentioned archetypes, which are patterns around which people organize their personalities. I had become familiar with the concept, one put forth by the great analyst Carl Jung, years ago when I had studied "The Goddesses In Every Woman" by Jean Sinoda Bolin, MD. A very interesting book. (She also has a book "The Gods In Every Man")
The idea is to find your main pattern by which you live your life then learn to invoke another one when you need that strength. A women who is a strong Hestia, Goddess of Home and Hearth, may need to invoke the parts of her that have the planning and strategy strengths of an Athena. Robbins said we all have the archetypes within our self of warrior, magician, lover and sovereign. He taught that these tend to develop in the sequence in which he listed them. He had been taping the first part of this video as he was conducting a seminar just after the horrific events of 9-11 and was helping people deal with pain, anger and hate. A Muslim and Jew were helped to work through their issues by starting with their warrior self and moving through the stages into their wise sovereign. Both men eventually teamed up to create a worldwide organization to work for peace. But this couldn't have happened had the men not named themselves as kings, or wise and sovereign. Then for me,a day or so later, it was magical when I was able to allow a loved one to go from the name they had for their wild warrior self and name, thereby creating, a sovereign self. I remembered that I had had a dream, decades ago, of myself as The Angel Jeanne, who leads people to creative purposeful happiness. I never really mentioned that name to anyone before now. Then tonight I was reading a blog by Lissa Rankin, of Owning Pink, about her need to divest herself of the label, or name, of The Cosmic Tit, because she had been trying to be all things to all people and was encouraging them to suck her dry. So I suggest to all Wise Magicians that you look to your name. What name do you want to REALIZE- to make more real? Would it be good to have multiple names, so you could invoke them when needed? I think so. Do you need to retire or subdue a name? Are you carrying a label that locks you into toxic behavior just because you say that is your nature? You have the creative freedom to reach out and draw whatever good magic you need to you. One bit could be in how you name yourself. May the spark be with you.

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