My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Magic And Time

"Time is the river I go fishing in.." Henry David Thoreau. It may be that time is neither cyclical, as some cultures hold, nor linear, as seems to be the predominant belief in Western cultures. Perhaps it is there, flowing, but can be dipped into. I have been watching PBS specials lately about new ideas about time and I decided that I couldn't define it at all. Then I began to think about psychological time, and that is a whole other construct. I discovered there are different parts of the brain that are about time, such as nuclei that deal with circadian rhythms and so on. It was a leap but I had a picture of time as something you could visit back and forth, like different points on a river. This then made me aware of the way things happen way back in time in our life but don't seem to matter until much later. Things are foreshadowed or foretold. I came across some things I had written years ago but they seem to have a total different meaning now. I like them better now than I did then. I read a book again and I remembered that the ambiance of the setting had seemed totally different when I had first read it. I was thinking about people from my past and I felt as if I understood and appreciated them better now than I did when they were in my life. I have a cousin who I have no idea of how to contact, but I have always been aware of the stream of warmth towards him. Things come, things go, but they may still be around us. For the wise magician this could mean many things. For me I think of the way there may be many resources available to me to create the world I want. I may have known many people that can be role models for me as I try to develop myself as a speaker. If you want changes in your life the tools to cause that change may be at hand or in your experience. Call forth that which you need. May the spark be with you.

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