My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Magic of 'Processing'.

Today, on the first day of Christmas, I made it a point to look outside at the pear tree. There was the partridge I had painted, sitting in the tree. I allowed myself the pleasure of knowing I had put in some work and accomplished a bit of fun whimsy. I processed that I could still be creative. I thought of how, all too often, we rush from flower to flower gathering nectar for the moment, and fail to go back to the hive and process it into honey. We read without a pause to reflect and fully take in what we read. We visit with a friend without truly appreciating the richness and value of that friendship. I suggest that all wise magicians go beyond mere sensory input. That we take the time to process what we sense, learn, discover. I suggest we learn to live life on a deeper level. Life is more than what we skim off the surface of our day to day experiences. If we allow ourselves to magically process the events and ideas of our life we will live with greater joy, love and abundance. I recently read in an article for teachers that they pause in their lecture after the first ten minutes and encourage their students to discuss among themselves and more fully process the information presented. Life doesn't rush by us, even though it may seem to at times, demanding that we never pause to reflect on what we experience. We create our life by the way we choose to perceive it. So if we process in such a way that we are moving towards the magical life we deserve, that life is sure to come to us. If something we perceive as negative happens, we can then give our self a pat on the back for having the intelligence and courage to overcome the negative event. Take time to process the many ways magic is is your life. May the spark be with you.

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