My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, December 2, 2011

The magic of Just Before Sleep

Just before you go to sleep, when your brainwaves are in alpha rhythm, is a marvelous time to program yourself for change and other magical desires. As you lay your head on that comforting, welcoming pillow you can glory in the way you are preparing yourself, in all the self love you have, to rest and renew. Allow all feeling of pressure and worry to leave you. Sense your breath. Sense the texture of your pillow. Sense the temperature of the room. Sense the slight sounds around you. As you sense each thing let it bring you more and more into the present moment in which you are safe and trust that all will be well. Then allow that sense of comfort to accept that changes will come. You don't have to clutch at those changes. They will come. Accept the desires you have, in that present moment, for all things that may occur to you, in a gentle and accepting way. You may have desires for improved relationships. You may have desires for improved health. Whatever desire you have in that moment before sleep is simply a desire. It is part of the moment, as is your breath and what your skin senses. I have been doing this for improved physical health and it has been manifesting. Other things have also appeared in my life.
I have not been allowing myself to clutch or worry as I go to sleep. The desires are just part of the things I sense in the moments before I sleep. I suggest to all wise magicians that you celebrate all that is right and magical about your life as you lay yourself down to sleep. May the spark be with you.

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