My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Magic Cloak

A magic cloak is part of the tool kit for the hero in many stories.  The cloak protects, nurtures, comforts, and gives extra powers to the hero.  Happiness does the same thing for a person.  I have recently read that being happy will make your brain work 30% better.  Here is where a Wise Magician will consider how to develop a magic cloak for them self.  But first let us explore a little more this idea of mind set as a magic cloak.  Famous people like Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln have said that people have the choice of their thoughts and can choose to be happy.  Now researchers in Positive Psychology are saying the same thing.  When you have a choice between judging a fact as positive or negative it is beneficial to see the blessings involved.  For example, I read an item in a newsletter this morning noting that you could groan about the size of your credit card bill or you could be thankful for all the abundance in the grocery store.  You could moan about the price of gas or be thankful that you had a car and that gas stations were easy to find.  If you have now accepted that it is possible to develop an aura of the feeling of home and happiness, let us move on to ways to do this for yourself.  You can do this through combining memories of the feeling of secure happiness and visualizing your cloak.  Wrap yourself in soft velvet, or red suede, or anything of your choice.  Then feel safe, protected, able to be creative.  Anchor this feeling in various ways.  Touch your wrist.  Stroke your sleeve.  Create an anchor to link this memory of that feeling to your body.  Now leave this feeling.  Then try the anchor to see if it helps you achieve it again.  Sometimes an anchor can be a word instead of a touch.  It is just something that helps you wrap yourself in your wonderful magic cloak.  It is good to be able to go to a haven, a shelter, a feeling of loving arms at times.  Sometimes you just want a better mood for your creativity. Perhaps you want to make sure you are starting your day off right. Other times you may be fighting anxiety.  When you are in a storm of anxiety the first thing to do is get out of the storm.  That is a good time to figuratively wrap up in your magic cloak.  Then you can deal with the changes in thoughts or actions you need to make to get free of the anxiety.  Even if you are strictly a jeans and tee shirt kind of person it will not hurt to have a wonderful magic cloak in your idea or resource closet.  Reach out and create one then throw it around your shoulders with magical flair when it is needed.  May the spark be with you.

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