My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Magic of Lighting a Candle

When you light a candle you are making a strong action.  You are also making a magical action.  Remember that magic is the act of bringing more goodness into your life.  A candle invokes the energy of fire, with the warmth and light of fire, but without the destructive aspect.  However, you can also light a candle to remind yourself of the way fire cleanses and brings forth new beginnings.  Many times we get caught up in a life of habitual actions, of just passively going through motions.  We must combat the ennui that can result with a decisive act.  A symbolic way to declare that we are going to be more active in shaping our own destiny is to light a candle.  A candle can shine in dark places.  A candle can be a beacon of hope in dark times.  A candle can remind us to draw on the energy of the magic that surrounds us.  A candle can be lit to dispel fear.  A candle's light can be shared with other people. I suggest to all wise magicians that you look at your life and see if it would be good to boldly light a candle for yourself and the world.  You can stand up for your own truth.  You can be warmed by the gentle warmth of a candle's flame.  If you have been living in the shadows you can bring yourself into a better place by this simple action.  Light a candle and you will find it easier to do other things to bring goodness into your life.  May the spark be with you.

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