My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Take Your Magical Throne

Sometimes the magic you need is to shake off the lack of appreciation you didn't get from someone you expected it from.  Sometimes you need to feel wreathed in a magical zing, but others have thrown a bucket of cold water (they called reality) over your whole castle of spun sugar.  Now is the time to practice centering and finding your bit of magic again.  You can try this ritual.  Lift your head up like the queen (or king) of magic that you are. Raise your right eyebrow.  Or your left if that one elevates more easily.  Arise from the humble stool where you have been sitting.  With all the pride in the world, walk to your throne. Survey your domain.  With a truly regal air, be seated.  This is you throne, your birthright, and you must keep it occupied from time to time.  Now look around graciously.  As the sovereign of your realm you can dispense boons, favors, forgiveness and penalties. You can forgive those who do not read the style of writing you enjoy writing. If you have other crafts it is the same process.  You can bless them for being able to read, or able to recognize your craft.  This is your realm.  You are already rich.  You do not need to be judged by gold from outside the realm unless you wish to accept it as tribute. Find comfort and support from your throne.  You are now free to observe and learn what you will. Be proud.  Be seated in your throne.  I say to all wise magicians: There will be times when the slings and arrows of life will come your way.  Do not cower.  Be seated in your magical throne and be sovereign of your realm.  May the spark be with you.

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