My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Magical Gifts

It's Christmas Day and I had a wonderful Christmas. I received many gifts. One of the strongest, one that made a great impact, was the gift of tears. It was almost dusk. I was leaving one great gathering where I had been very happy to be among friends and driving to another home of friends. As I drove through the heart of the city I looked over and saw a homeless man. We have learned to recognize them in Denver by dress, amount of activity and location. He was bundled up but not moving. He had a small shopping cart like you can buy for home use, behind him, full of belongings, as well as a backpack on his shoulders. He was standing absolutely still with his head down towards his chest. He was in a part of town where the homeless are fed for the holidays. He probably had to now decide where he would spend the night. He may have been younger than I am but he looked as old as the ages. And hopeless. I had to cry. I didn't know what else to do. But the experience strengthened my desire to encourage people to find the spark of magic inside themselves. To be able to reject the insults they have received from parents, friends, society in the 'name of helping them do better'. All lack of love and acceptance damages us. Then that radiates out and damages the community. Thus we end up not able to give acceptance to ourselves or others. We do this without even being conscious of our inability in this way. Acceptance is the greatest magic there is. I hope, but doubt, that this man was saying to himself "I am a wise magician. I am well bundled. I know where I can spend the night in comfort. Tomorrow I will find ways to improve my life." The result for me from this experience was to strengthen my plan of finding ways to help others find the magic inside themselves. This was the result for me from my 'gift of tears'. I hope this day had wonderful gifts for all of you and that you found ways to give unto others. May the spark be with you.

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