My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Magic Of The Still Small Voice

Our intuition is a powerful friend. In the context of the skill set I have trying to teach the magic wand would be 'listening to our intuition' or still small voice. The magic wand is something we choose to use. I recently did that (listened to my intuition) and I believe it made my life better. Let me share the story with you. Several days ago I was thinking about wands, which lead me to the concept of tools. My research had brought up the black handled ceremonial knife, the athane, that is used to cast spells and perform rituals. I was thinking about lessons to be learned from that and I couldn't get beyond 'drawing a line in the sand' (one of the uses of the athane) and 'cutting things off.' My intuition told me that setting boundaries and cutting things away or loose are both legitimate activities for a wise magician but that I didn't really have my lesson yet and that I should wait. So I set that to one side and wrote about other things such as the wonder with which to approach the New Year. Then today issues came up between me and a person very dear to me. I thought about our communication and realized that in the past I had used 'cutting off" as a method of dealing with people with whom I had strong differences of opinion. But this person is too important to me to use old methods. Because I had been thinking about the athane I was able to see my old patterns of shutting down or cutting off, and talk with the other person about not wanting to revert to old patterns but that I would rather go deeper and discuss the loves and fears that were intertwined in our communications. Now I feel like I have another tool. I now feel comfortable with the athane. It is for protection, for setting boundaries, and for cutting away thorny fear based reactions. It is not for attack. Mine is not, that is. My sense of being comfortable with loving is stronger and thus my life is better. May your intuition guide you to your own helpful insight. Use the magic wand of listening to your still small voice. It will make your life better. May the spark be with you.

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