My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Flying Is Part Of Magic

To work magic we need to be able to imagine flight. Fairies and angels have wings. Think of all the times the idea of flight is mentioned when we talk about achieving our goals. We want our projects to take off. We want to transcend our problems. We want to fly by the seat of our pants when we talk about letting our intuition guide us. Flight can also be frightening as can success. In our past we may have been punished or discouraged from being experimental, successful, or showing our great gifts. They say that fear of falling is a basic fear. Sometimes we succeed at something in our dreams but old blockages come up and we dream of falling. I suggest that you use the imagery of flying to open up your mind to freedom from blockages and to new ideas. Let me guide you in this imagery. Get comfortable. Think of a small area in your life you would like to change. If this brings discomfort let your beautiful wings grow and fly above this area. Now soar a bit just for the joy of soaring. When you are ready you can fly near the place you placed your problem. Look at it, listen to it, wave a wing at it. Check it out from many different angles. If any ideas occur to you accept them. Is that truly a problem or does it fit in a bigger or different context? Do you need to simply pick it up and fly with it to a canyon and throw it away? By being able to look at this "problem" in different ways, including from a great distance, you may have lessened the feeling of pressure you had about it before. While you were soaring near the heavens you may have also seen other resources you could use to help you. Let your imagination take flight until you have discovered or invented several good solutions. Then choose the best and try it. May the spark be with you.

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