My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Magic of "Allowing".

It's nearly Summer and my daughter has already been feeding us from the garden.  She is still putting seeds and plants in the ground as well.  I love the way she will plant something, then 'allow' it to grow.  She doesn't block it from the needed sun.  She gives it the nutrients it needs from the compost and she waters it as needed.  But she doesn't dig up the seeds to see if they are growing.  She believes the garden will produce and it does.  It was that way when I was in school, my parents and teachers believed I would learn and I did.  I could read what I wanted and ask questions.  I was 'allowed' to learn and grow. I believe there is a lot of magical power in positive expectations.  Friends seem to come through for us. Opportunities seem to come our way. Today we were watching a toddler for a couple of hours and he was a total delight.  No problem at all, whether he was in the house or in the yard.  I allowed him to play and explore and he in turn didn't dig up any or the plants and pretty much stayed out of the mud.
I suggest to all wise magicians that you allow goodness to come into your life.  Allow yourself to make positive comments about people.  Allow people to become your friends.  Allow ideas to come to you.  If they don't come right away, allow them to come when they are ready.  Remember, magic is well-formed.  So when an idea is well-formed, it will come to you.  Don't clutch.  That will drive good ideas away from you. Much good is in the wings for you.  Appreciate it when it comes striding out on stage.  Allow magic to manifest.  May the spark be with you.

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