My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Magic of Mental Housekeeping

As is the case most days, I woke up early this morning wanting to get busy right away on one of my projects.  But I wasn't awake enough to prioritize and focus my energy.  I stumbled into my office and putzed around with e-mail, downloaded some pictures from my camera and gave up.  I thought to myself that a good bit of magic I could do would be to wake myself up.  But I didn't.  I wandered back to bed, told my inner self to give me some ideas later, and zonked out until the sky was fully light and then some.  But the idea of how we can direct our focus stayed on my mind.  Naturally I noticed a post on Facebook when I opened it up later about how the civil rights and liberties of Gays and other minorities are deteriorating since the financial problems of 2008 hit our nation.  Fearful people are reacting, looking for scapegoats, and afraid to be as tolerant as they once were. Certain religious and political leaders are feeding on this fear for their own ends.  I thought of how good it would be if these fearful people could stop and challenge their fears.  How wonderful it would be for them and our nation if they could realize the power and resources they had within themselves to make their life better.  To bring a bit of magic into their life. But from my own slow start this morning I know how hard it is to direct your focus at times.  I've even been trained for it and I still don't do it.  But I still want to suggest to all wise magicians: If you feel fearful, lazy, blah, discouraged, please get out of the storm for a moment and look to the energy of magic that surrounds you.  You can do at least one little thing to make you life better right away.  Maybe just the act of saying you can take greater charge of your life, your actions, your moods and attitudes will give you a lift.  You can you know. So bring order to your thoughts.Make your life better.  May the spark be with you.

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