My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Magical Daydreaming

Sometimes a person looks like they are in a trance and the observer can not determine what on earth is going on in the "thinker's" head.  When I am the "thinker" I may be in three different states. I call them 1) Magical Daydreaming. 2) Blocked. 3) Dwelling or Neurotic Dwelling.  My favorite is Magical Daydreaming.  But I want to touch briefly on the other two to get them out of the way.  First I will explore what is going on when you are in a 'blocked' state.  Actually not much is going on but you want it to be.  You just feel "blocked".  You may want an idea for a creative project and it won't come to you or you may have more than one idea that is trying to come to you and they are fighting to see who gets through the door first.  It may be a normal sized door but three fat butt (or maybe three rich and full) ideas can't get through at the same time.  When you feel blocked it isn't a good idea to stay there,  It could turn negative.  You need to break the trance by a shake of the head, asking some questions or something.  Unblocking is not that hard to do unless you dig yourself into a rut.  Writer's block may be there about one project but you can go to another project.  When you come back to the previously blocked one you can probably produce again.
Now as to #3, the dreaded 'Dwelling'.  If you have healed from a trauma and then you revert to talking about it and dwell on it you may re-traumatize yourself.  If you can't stop talking about your "evil ex" maybe you can at least start making jokes about the person that should only be in your past now.  I have heard it said that a neurotic person is incapable of free-association. Just don't dwell.  It bores your listeners and I hope that a wise magician will be bored their own 'lip out' poor me stories as well. Actually I don't believe wise magicians go to 'pity parties'.  Don't sucker into other people inviting you to theirs.
Now we are up to play time or #1 Magical Daydreaming. Sometimes it is good to actually schedule some healthy daydreaming.  Not necessarily to solve a creative problem, but just to lower stress and to add some zing or magic to you life.  You can do it any way you want.  After all it is your gifted mind and your happy place.  But just in case you haven't done it that much I invite you to walk along with me as I do a bit of magical daydreaming.  I look up at the dragon picture that a friend drew for me for my birthday last January.  The dragon is emerging from a grove of trees.  That makes me think of times I have enjoyed being in different forests.  One time, as a child, I was with my family for a picnic and  I got my flute out of the car and sat down near a wild rose bush in bloom.  I could play Edward MacDowell's 'To a Wild Rose' from memory so I did.  I don't know if I had an audience or not.  I again have that feeling of being immersed in a wild natural world.  This memory leads to ideas about the way I enjoy music.  Now I think about my plans to get a music studio going.  I have been teaching a blind man to play piano by ear for a couple of days.  Now I find myself singing 'This Land Is Your Land", one of the songs my student can play with one hand and will soon be able to play chords for in the bottom hand. Now I am floating around with different pictures of places in the US I have lived or visited and loved. Now I am through with my play and decide I need to get my digital camera out and take a picture, soon, of this blind man at the piano and share it with the near-by music store that offered to give me referrals for students.  I didn't plan on getting a usable idea but I am glad to have it.  I am also glad to have had the relaxing experience I did. Thank you for walking along with me.   I suggest to all wise magicians that you do some magical daydreaming from time to time.  May the spark be with you.

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