My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Magic of Deep Listening

Deep listening is being able to hear more than the facts that are being put out there.  With deep listening you 'hear between and behind the lines'.  I have spent this last couple of weeks interacting, listening to many people that are not part of the same groups as I am.  They do not buy into the same stereotypes as I do.  They do not use the same slogans or catch phrases in the same way I do.  This has been good for me.  It has enriched my thinking, my heart and my mind.  Some of the people have been family who have been in town to lay  a loved one to rest.  So I have been motivated by love to understand the way they see things. Others have been friends, students or co-workers.  For some magical reason my  ego has not gotten in the way of any of the conversations.  Sometimes this has allowed me to influence the people with whom I have been talking to make decisions that will improve their life.  Remember, one of the ways magic can be defined is an action that brings good into your life.  So I suggest to all wise magicians: deep listening can bring good into your life.  Focus on the person to whom you are listening.  Notice how they use words, the tone of voice they use, what they emphasize, their body language.  Think about why they are telling you what they are.  Think about the timing, about why they chose to say all this at this time.  Think about your own reactions to what you are hearing.
This can bring many good things into your life.  Just listening can develop rapport and the other person may  decide they are your friend.  Even if you don't have favors showered on you, you will still benefit by being open to another person, and to yourself.  So, listen deeply.  May the spark be with you. 

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