My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Magic Cave

Temenos is a wonderful Greek word I have mentioned before. It has several uses from 'sunny spot within garden walls in winter' to Carl Jung's reference to 'the inner resources where soul making takes place'. Whether you want to use the term temenos, inner mother or magic cave there will be times when it is good to be able to go inside yourself for comfort and renewal. You may need to develop more of an awareness of that for yourself. I am not a person who is overflowing with confidence. So when I push myself to reach out in a necessary way I sometimes feel in over my head. I know that I have done the right thing but I have to retire to my cave to grow into the brave thing I have just done. In my magic cave it becomes normal for me to have run out onto the battlefield the way I have. Once it is okay to have done what I have done, I can then go out and do it again. If I couldn't go inside and calm myself my attempts at creative battle would become wearing and I might give them up too easily. So if you have dreams or projects you need to pursue but have been procrastinating may I suggest that you may not be ready yet. Perhaps you need a place of safety and comfort so you can retire and renew when it is needed. Perhaps a journal or a good friend with whom you can discuss things will help create that for you. But ultimately your temenos is your own inner resource. Not that you need to be isolated. But you are the judge of how you feel and what you need. Reach out to the magic that surrounds you to help you realize that you have that zone of self comfort within yourself. Develop it for yourself. May the spark be with you.

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