My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Your Book Of Spells

In many movies, stories and TV shows in which magic is involved there is a book of spells that is used. It may have various names but it is a record of what has been done and what has worked. Your own journal can do the same for you. What are you trying to do, what is working and what needs to be better understood? There is magic in documentation. We do not hold everything in our head, nor is the telling of what we do remember always clear to others. I am going through some health challenges right now and I am trying to develop some drastically new habits. When I feel that I will never be able to make the changes I need I often look at the log I am keeping. Then I can see that I have managed some good behaviors during the day. Since I am also trying to make other life changes such as developing some public speaking opportunities I tend to feel that I am climbing an impossibly steep hill. But I am also keeping a log on this endeavor and I can refer to it to see where I am, what is working and what I need to do. Remember that magic is well formed and expects results. So take up one of the tools of magic, a book of spells, title it what ever fits and document your actions towards the goals you deserve to achieve. It can be goals, ideas, resources, actions, plans and worries. The shape of your book of spells is dictated by your own magical and unique personality. But I suggest you start one for each dream. May the spark be with you.

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