My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, June 22, 2012

Magic 102, Magic Abounds

In magic 101 a wise magician will learn that one can do positive things to bring positive changes into one's life. Magic is a two way street.  You can do magic actions.  But magic can work on you and come to you.  That is the focus of magic 102, I believe.  Since everybody writes their own magic manual I may not have the total story.  But I do believe that positive psychology has a lot of powerful and true insights.  Not only does a happy mind set bring a happy life, the brain can rewire.  Neuroplacticity is a valid concept.  Happiness and goodness is there.  We can learn to accept it.  I do not advocate walking around in a state of denial.  There are problems to solve in our world.  But, it seems to me, that fear based reactions are what cause most of the problems.  People fear they won't make enough money so they ignore the problems they are causing in the environment. They don't stop to think about the uselessness of money if the climate and environment become too messed up to sustain life.  Or they fear others will not believe the same way they do.  If they are so worried about other's thoughts I doubt they have time to fully enjoy and nurture their own. So I say to all wise magicians, "Be at peace.  Turn events into blessings.  Glory in your ability to be creative and solve problems. Magic abounds.  Enjoy it." May the spark be with you.

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