My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Magic of Not Flinching

There are times we absolutely need to face things.  We may not want to face up to or deal with these parts of our life.  Looking in the mirror literally or figuratively may be painful at times.  If we flinch or cringe it is all too easy to avoid our hero's task.  'Being nice' or 'going along to get along' are a couple of the ways one might flinch.  These two examples are ways one fails to have courage regarding other people.  But what about the times when we need to stand up to our self?  How often do we confront our self?  How often do we climb on the scale and compare our weight to our love of sitting, or our penchant for sweets? I am experiencing first hand, right now, hard it is to get out of my comfort zone and really move forward.  I am in a constant state of 'flinch' lately.  But I recover and move forward.  I will share my situation so all you wise magicians can laugh at me if you will.  Or learn from me.  I accepted that there was a great need to make a lot of changes in my like.  Since I am trying to develop a paying practice as a life coach I put it out on my  Word Maeven Facebook page that I had hired myself as my own coach.  I admitted to the needed changes and even put up a picture to prove it. ( I didn't admit to my full weight, and I didn't broadcast my full age. But I said enough)  So now the coach flinches if the client doesn't make enough progress and the client flinches when the coach points out what needs to be done.  However, the more we (Word Maeven-me, and Donna-I) recover from the flinches and stop them mid-flinch the more progress is getting made. Visit me on Facebook as Donna Jeanne Ellison if you like.  Further I suggest to all wise magicians that you nurture your own courage.  See what changes are needed in your life.  Don't flinch.  May the spark be with you.

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