My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Magic of Momentum as Flow

Sometimes the way one thing leads to another to another to another can be stressful.  If we allow that.  It may seem like there are too many streams of cause and effect running crisscross through our life.  Too many demands.  Too many fires to put out.  You may have reached out and caused a bit of magic to come into your life and now you have to do the work of maintaining it.  Well, I say to all wise magicians "Look to the unity of flow."  Life goes on.  If you have the image of yourself in your own canoe, dipping you oar in the smoothly flowing water when you will, able to pull over to the shore when needed, you will get the things done that are truly important.  You will maintain the relationships that are truly important.  It is your life.  It is your river.  You can make choices that keep you flowing along where you want to go.  Recently Secretary of
State Hilary Clinton was quoted as saying when she is on an important mission in a foreign country she may have to choose between pulling her hair back and solving the world's problems or going to a beauty parlor.  She makes the choice to tie her hair back and get on with the important things.  She is effective and will be remembered as effective.  She is sailing the Ship of State. My advice for all wise magicians is this.  Go to a peaceful meditative state.  Explore your priorities. Explore the idea that some things have been a priority but should now be let go. Make sure your priorities are things you have positive feelings about.  Your feelings about them will help you stay true to them.   Numerous times during each day ways will occur to keep the momentum going to create our best life, to express our values, to bring magic into being.  If you are clear about your priorities you will automatically keep your canoe going forward in a good flow of things. Get into the flow.  May the spark be with you.

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