My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Magical Function of Doing Music

Another way of referring to "magical function" might be in the adage "killing two birds with one stone".  But I think of magical function as having many more results than extra birds, you will have ripples  in different times and places.  I have noticed that singing, playing or studying music opens doors, soothes, helps people bond and gives one a new perspective on life.  My brother, Dick Ellison, died at the end of April.  A couple of times the weekend of his  funeral in Ft. Collins many of the family members found themselves involved in  music activities.  To me it felt like we were gathering together and affirming that we were still family.  Some of my fondest memories of time spent with him as an adult were spent harmonizing songs from our childhood as we drove somewhere in the car.  Another recent experience for me of the magical function of music was with Steve Modrak.  He is blind and is now attempting to walk and hitch his way across our country to make a statement about the need to accept that the disabled, especially returning veterans, have a lot more to offer than  we may realize.  He was a guest at my home for a week or so before he began his walk.  There was a lot to do to get ready for this major undertaking. Even though it was a busy time, somehow I found myself requesting that he let me teach him how to play piano by feel and ear.  He agreed and achieved a lot in just a few lessons.  Just as he left he told me that the lessons had been of tremendous benefit.  He had reaffirmed his faith in himself that he could take on new challenges, it had given him another way to calm himself down, and it had given him another tool for relating to people. It benefited me as well.  So I now list music activity as a wand of magical function.  I suggest to all wise magicians that if you are feeling a need for a spark of magic in your life that you look to something that is not right in front of your nose.  Don't go to the television or other distractions.  Bring magic into your life through some creative activity.  May the spark be with you.

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