My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is Magic Important?

Is it important to nurture a feeling of excitement, of well being, or possibilities in yourself? Once I talked to a woman who said her focus was on dealing with the hand life had dealt her. Then she went on to tell me of her fears and disasters and problems. Some of these problems were possible events but they hadn't happened yet. This woman seemed to have no sense of magic that day. In a later conversation she seemed to realize that she did have good things in her life. Perhaps there is no way to prove that we are surrounded by an aura of positive energy. But holding that idea is a very practical idea as it gives us energy and courage to get through the day. I suggest that it is a good exercise to meditate on the possibility of there being a little extra in life beyond what we immediately perceive. Sometimes there is a great deal of wonder, joy, fun and excitement out there. When I first tried to set up a web site I set it up for The Society for the Preservation of Magic. I didn't know enough to finish it or maintain it. But in my heart I, and the characters in my books, and anyone else who wants to join, are members of that society. Ways to nurture magic are to notice good things, enjoy ideas, laugh, use your senses, love your friends, work through your challenges, and believe. May you have magic in your life. May the spark be with you.

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