My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Magic Of Dance.

Dance is the expressive movement of ebb and flow in a rhythmic manner. This can be a physical movement, emotional or artistic. Sometimes our fears will beset us and we have to move towards them, away from them and around them until they no longer haunt us. Sometimes an idea will dance in and out of our imagination and we have to turn our attention to it so that we partner with it to create a pleasing expression of our individuality. If you are finding your self needing inspiration or help in some areas of your life I suggest you use metaphors of dance as your magic wand. A dreamy waltz might make grocery shopping more fun. Dealing with something you dread might become a tango. Hip hop has a lot of high energy moves that you can use to attack a problem. To be a good dancer you must dance often, train, limber up your muscles and be in good shape. Does that not also sound like the way to be a good friend, gardener, writer or dishwasher? I find the metaphor of dance is most helpful to me in making changes in my life style. The steps have to be just so and ones I can master. As these steps become easier they are more automatic and have a certain flow to them. In order to overcome the inertia of not learning these steps I have to hook into the energy of the magic that surrounds me. Consider that this might also work for you. May the spark be with you.

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