My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Magic Of Hesitation

Even though there is an adage that says, 'He who hesitates is lost.' don't be too quick to think that it's wrong to hesitate. Sometimes we hesitate in response to a subtle signal we are picking up. There may be danger we need to watch out for or there may be a better path or opportunity awaiting us. One that is better than what we had planned. Or we may be on the right path but don't have enough steam built up to go full steam ahead. Don't ignore a sense of hesitation when it comes to you. Sometimes we go along trying to do what is good for us, what we should do. But the energy to do it doesn't seem to be there. Perhaps a better path awaits which will still get us where we want and need to go but in a more joyous way. Listen to your sense of hesitation. Maybe it is telling you that you need to have both sides of your brain operating in order to succeed. The logical left brain needs to work with the intuitive right brain. That was brought home to me today. I had planned to go to a meeting in order to further my career as a writer, I hoped. I had no energy for it. As I hesitated I got a phone call from a fellow writer who had taken the time to read and critique something I had written. The insights he gave me were much more valuable than anything I could have gotten at the meeting. I went over some of my work and saw many, many ways I could write those passages to be smoother and more interesting. Ways I could use my intuitive side of my brain better, as well as my logical side. I wouldn't have seen that if my friend hadn't showed me. If I hadn't listened to my hesitation I would have missed an opportunity to grow as a writer. I suggest when you are low in energy for needed projects, look for a way that you can bring your playful self in to help you in your work. Find out why you hesitate then go forward in the best way. May the spark be with you.

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