My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Magic Of Light

Light is such a powerful metaphor for success, wellness, discovery and health in our culture that every mention of it almost has a double meaning. Examples: Hide not thy light under a bushel, let there be light, let the light shine in, bring things to light. Perhaps that is because light itself is so important to us. If we never get any sunlight we have all kind of health problems such as being deficient in vitamin D we will have problems with calcium, therefore problems with healing and brittle bones. Vampires are very popular in literature now but imagine how easily their bones must break as they land when they do those amazing leaps. They never get into the sun. Depression is more likely to affect us when we are deprived of light as well as other problems. But the light of which I speak now is of the mental/emotional kind. There are two small exercises I want to share with you that can be helpful in gaining a better life. The first is to look up, towards the light, whenever you are feeling down. Part of why this is so helpful is we are often caught in automatic "tapes" of negativity, we are talking to ourselves or hearing voices of criticism from the past. Looking up switches the channel into the visual mode. The second exercise is to imagine a beam of light illuminating dark corners. This is helpful when you are blocked, don't know where the energy or inspiration you need will come from. Just illuminating your dark corners will give you a jolt of energy. Value light. May the spark be with you.

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