My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Magic Of Appointments

Take your magic wand and make an appointment. Getting something set in time has a certain power to it. Once that is done your mind, your creativity, your soul is freed up to focus on other things. When the time to deal with the appointed thing comes around it will be handled. Appointments are not only for times with the doctor, the mechanic, the accountant or a loved one. If you are procrastinating or ignoring something that really must be dealt with you will be more likely to handle it if you have an actual time to do so. "At 10:30 I will wash the dishes." is an entry on your do list with more compulsion to it than simply putting 'wash the dishes' on the list.
It is especially helpful to make an appointment with your worries. Tell them to go away and not bother you until the time designated for them. Then sit down and deal with them when their allotted time comes. Deal with them fully. Explore the ways you are over reacting as well as the ideas you have for solutions. Then make an appointment to carry out the actions that will solve the problem about which you are worrying. Don't let the excitement of the idea for a solution make you feel so good that you fail to solve the problem. Another helpful thing to do with appointments is to schedule reviews of yourself, your projects, your dreams. Set aside time to energize yourself. Set aside time to reach out to marvel at the energy of the magic that surrounds you by enjoying a bird's flight or a sunrise. Use the power of appointments to make your life better. May the spark be with you.

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