My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Magic Of Daring Your Shoulds

"Shoulds" can be bullies. Things should be this way or that. People should do this or that. You will be much more in control of your life if you play 'dare base' with your "shoulds." That is the children's game in which you run towards the base of the other team, daring them to come out and get you. Ultimately that team is so busy daring your base they don't guard it well and you can take over their base. If you cower in the safety of your own base you have no chance of winning. You have to get out there and engage the other side. It is the same with rigid ideas. Question your "shoulds". It is easy to be enslaved by your ideas. People have been burned at the stake because others thought they should act and speak a certain way. (Also, it was done to get the wealth of the victims-if they were guilty of witchcraft or such their money was forfeit.) When people are debating certain political ideas anger based on incomplete understanding and communication often colors the situation. Violence may erupt. I know I have said that anger is your friend, alerting you to awareness of a change that needs to be made. When you are thinking about the change that needs to be made don't go for a negative, cruel poorly formed change. There are an awful lot of things in life that will not hurt you as much as you may want to think they will. Terrorists and bigots are busy hurting people, full of righteous anger about the way things "should" be. Judgmental attitudes rip at the field of magic that surrounds us all. In order to hook into that helpful energy it is good to question your "shoulds" when they come at you, daring you to be stupid, to lose your balance and control. Let your life be well balanced and good. May the spark be with you.

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