My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Magic Of Pillows

It is a magical thing that we have pillows. Pillows to prop us up, to comfort us, to help us sleep. So much better than a saddle or stone to lay our head on. Some practical magician at some point in human history took the magic wand we all have, the ability to be creative and solve problems, and developed a pillow. We all benefit. Someone else discovered in the sand under a hot fire the fact that glass comes from that sand being melted. One thing lead to another and this morning I had the magical experience of looking through a pane of glass at a squirrel. I watched him sneak along the fence with his shoulders down, constantly looking at the ground on the other side of the fence. Then the squirrel suddenly went high tailing it, and they do run with their tails up, back along the fence the way he had come. I could hear the neighbor's dogs until the squirrel was clear at the back of the yard. Evidently no stolen dog food for him. How magical it is that I have windows of glass that allow me to see fun things like this. How grateful I am for all the practical magicians who have hooked into the energy of the magic that is around them to invent and develop things, thus making their life and mine better. May you do the same for yourself in some way. Little daily acts of creativity make life better. May the spark to do so be with you.

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