My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Magic Of Due Time

In the Bible and other places it is mentioned that there is a special time for all things. Due time is not really calender time but organic time; things are ripe when they are ripe. Ideas come when they are ready and challenges occur to us when we are ready enough for them that we can grow into them. The practical magician can use this property of time, that it can be subjective, to help make life better. In Neurolinguistic Programming practitioners are taught many time use techniques. One is that of 'change history'. If a person has a personal history that is interfering with their success they are taught to do some vivid imaginings of a personal history that would lead to success. When they are in a growth inducing trance they are told they can process what they are going through by taking all the time they need, even though it may only be a minute or two of clock time. If there is something you need to be able to do but it is almost too hard at the moment, you can cause the readiness or 'due time for it' to come around by continuing to think about doing it. This thinking should not be worrying or nagging thinking but musing about how you are going to be able to approach and accomplish this challenge. You will become more and more able to do this task until one day you will discover that due time for it is here, you now have the needed courage and know you can get the skills. Reach out for ways to improve your life. It is due time for you to do so. May the spark be with you.

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