My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don't Grow Up, Play Up

I've been siting here reviewing the responsible things I need to do tomorrow. I didn't have a lot of enthusiastic feelings to help me until I saw this title "Don't Grow Up, Play Up' on my blog idea list. Suddenly I remembered times in my life before I was mobility impaired and the fun of dancing and doing sports flooded my memory. I remembered the hard work I would put into perfecting some of the moves. I also remembered that it was worth it. I held onto those memories and moved them over into a visualization of doing needed garden work tomorrow morning. I now think I will be able to get all my squash and tomato plants watered in the morning and enjoy it. When I was a kid it was fun to ride in a car (actually I still find that kind of fun). But the point is that if I put some kid-like enthusiasm into it I'll probably get out and get a new, much needed, cell phone battery before the day gets too old. I wonder if I can find a way to make paying bills fun? There's money in the account, I just don't like paper work. I like to draw but I don't think I could bring myself to draw on the checks. Perhaps I can figure something out. Perhaps I will have to move back three spaces in the game of "Doing" if I fail to get a certain number of things done that are on my short do list. Fun is a great energizer. I think appealing to the senses makes things fun. Perhaps that is why color and texture and shine are all important aspects of the costumes we see on pictures and figurines of wizards and magicians. Magic works better when it is fun. So, reach out to the magic that is around you to get energy to do what you need to do. As I now say, "A magician's gotta do what a magician's gotta do." May the spark be with you.

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