My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Gift Of 'Oh Well'

I was thinking of some of the life lessons I have gained and I had the thought that there are people I know or used to know who would not approve of some of my enlightened attitudes. For a moment I was tempted to tone down or deny said attitudes even though I knew them to be valid. The magic that surrounds me gave me a gift at that moment. My craven self sensed a big "Oh well" in the air and I again had the courage to be my better self. I was kind of excited to realize I don't have to bear the burden of other peoples judgments. I am not responsible for their narrow minded or mistaken ideas. I don't have to accept them nor do I have to worry about changing them. My ideas and my crusades are my own. I do care what other people think and feel. I am, after all, a social being. Also, as a writer, the life blood of my stories is people's feelings and attitudes which lead to their actions. But I also care about my own ideas and understandings. It has taken me years to gain some of them. Until that moment I received the gift of "Oh well" I may have been trying to clothe myself in labels more than I realized. But when I do that I deny myself the freedom to see the errors that are made even in the best of groups. Labels and slogans can be helpful but they can also interfere with thought. A magician values profound understanding. Let the magic that surrounds you encourage you to gain your own deep understanding of all that you turn to. May the spark be with you.

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