My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Magic Of Second Things Second

Most people have an pretty good grasp of the idea of first things first, whether they practice it of not. But the gap of what to do after you get started has a lot of people befuddled. The second thing to do is the next do-able thing that can be done that will lead to the end goal. So when you start something it is a good idea of where you want it to go. It may flower in other directions but an end goal being held in mind helps things get started. If you have finally met the person to whom you are attracted the next thing to do is to make it possible for a second no pressure meeting. If you have finally written a wonderful musical theme for a musical work you are composing the next thing to do is to come up with secondary themes that will support the first one. Getting started is a big part of the battle but keeping going is the most important part. An essay explores the idea you are putting forth. A house has to have walls, a roof and so forth. The end goal must be part of getting started in order to move on to the second thing second. This is where magic comes in. Creative projects, all creative projects including relationships, are not well formed if they are too straight line. They need to be developed and enjoyed. Now you can ask the questions about the person or the project such as: What do you value? What are the ramifications and implications of this? How does that affect me? Whatever you have just started, now is the time to reach out for the energy of the magic that surrounds you to make it a little bit more full, a little richer, a little deeper. Whether it is relaxing and renewing yourself, forming a new relationship or starting a work of creativity, now is the time to move to the second richer level. May the spark be with you.

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