My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Magic Of Chains Into Change

Change can be hard. Some say that change is loss because when you change the familiar is lost. But there are times when change is vital and it can be made. If you are facing the need for change but feel bound by strong chains the first thing to do to gain your freedom is to acknowledge the importance of the change that is calling to you. Just knowing that change can be made, that it needs to be made is a start towards loosening the chains. Then acknowledge the burden of the chains, the reason that change needs to be made.
The more onerous the burden of the chains the more you will yearn for freedom. By exploring the situation fully you are preparing yourself to make and carry out a broad and well planned program of change. The chains are there. You are conscious of them. The program that you put in place of the chains must also be something you are conscious of. Chains are interlinked. Change can also be interlinked. Link up to situations and people that will help you make the changes you need. Plan for the long term, not just the first few days when the energy of the difference in your life has you buoyed up. Chains can be used to move things as well as hold them. Let your new links to a better life pull you forward. Hook into the energy of the magic that is around you and break the chains that are holding you back. May the spark be with you.

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