My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Golden Thread

In many tales the magician uses a thread to do some magic or weave a spell. I have had a problem that has been hanging over my head for several months. One I knew I had to deal with eventually. Today it occurred to me that it was interfering with my peace of mind because I didn't know how to approach it at all. It was sitting there in a big tangle of knots. When I realized that I suddenly knew how to approach it. Knots, whether of string or rope, have an end to them, a way to untie them. You just have to find the end of the thread. With that I started picking at the knot and eventually found the end of the thread. I haven't completely dealt with the matter but it is no longer a problem. Now I know the steps I have to go through in order to handle it and have started the process of doing so. I suggest if you have some dark cloud hanging over your head reinvent it as a big knot. Then find the end of the string so you can start to untangle it. The energy of the magic that surrounds you will help you persist until you are on your way to the success you deserve. A dropped and tangled ball of yarn can be difficult to untangle. But once it is untangled you have something you can use to make something good. The metaphors in which you think can influence your moods and actions. If one isn't working for you, rework or reword it. Think about the difference between 'untangled' and 'unraveled'. Both involve smoothing out yarn or thread. But they have different connotations. You can do a lot to help yourself by the way you tell yourself things. Find golden threads to weave yourself a joyous life. May the spark be with you.

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