My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Magic Of Chipping

A great work of sculpture is cut out of a block of marble one inspired chip at a time. It is the same with the work of art that is our life. If we keep on chipping, always trying to do it in a creative, purposeful manner we will eventually have a note worthy whole. It takes the energy and joy of magic to keep to our purpose. Don't let that chipping become mundane or it will be too easy to abandon it. Are you trying to become a more loving person? Keep chipping away at it, with love. Are you trying to nurture your ability to participate in group projects? Appreciate the energy of the group and contribute your own energy. Are you trying to write a book? That is done planning project after planning project then one word at a time. Keep the words coming. Including the conversations you have to have with yourself. Those are real opportunities to look for a way to put a bit of zing into things. When you are tired and find it hard to reach out for the energy of magic, just keep on chipping. That will get you through for a while until you can grab onto the "wow!" again. But try to feel a positive field surrounding you. Giving yourself a golden aura will help you continue to keep chipping away. Sharpen your chisels, or whatever tools you need. Playful ideas are also tools. Get the life you want, one chip at a time. May the spark be with you.

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