My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Magic Of Manners

A person with good manners is a person with strength of character and well thought of by others. We are told to take life seriously but not personally. If you don't hold yourself in a reactive stance, sure that you must protect your fragile little ego, it is fairly easy to be aware enough of those around you to know how they are reacting. Please, thank you, I appreciate this, that was well done, are all phrases that can become part of our daily habit of interaction. Good manners give order to our life. They give us time to think when we need to gather our thoughts. They help others cooperate with us. We don't have to be phony flatterers. Often a simple thank you will go farther than an extravagant compliment that is obviously false. Be the expert magician in your life. Take your wand and look around for a chance to take your turn, to listen, to return a favor, to thank someone for choosing to wear something that gave you pleasure or to express a request in reasonable tones. You have a right to be treated with good manners, of course. State your expectations gently when someone slips. Most of the time that will work magic. Be a role model to others with your own good manners. Be persistent and consistent. Let the magic around you give you to energy to persevere. It would never do to let civilization slip away from us. May the spark be with you.

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