My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waving Wands and Molding Energy

Sometimes, when I need to make sure I have the energy I need for important projects I imagine myself 'molding energy'. It is a visualization in which the energy I am molding and I are intertwined, thus molding each other. I look ahead in my day to see if I need to eat or take a nap or play mind games to have the energy I need. This fluid ball of pulsing energy might show me that I need to push part of it towards another spot so that I don't short circuit out, as I might if I am splitting my focus or letting distractions interfere. This is not totally under the control of my logical brain but more of an intuitive thing and the molding is also a molding of time. I may sense that I need to turn to small 'get things in order' tasks for a while that don't take much energy, while my subconscious mulls things over to come up with a great idea that will give me a burst of energy. For me this visualization is more like a soft accompaniment melody that just helps me go about my work, and get things done. The way some people hum as they work. I suggest that you explore mannerisms or self-talk, or visualizations that you have or can develop to help you as you go about your creative work. For me this molding of energy helps me shift from project to project. I may need to work a bit on a play I am writing, then get some housework done, then plan a chapter for a book, then do some research. When I picture the energy blob along with my getting going on the new task I find it's easier to get in gear and get started on the new thing. For me this imaginary companion of energy makes it easier to go on with my day. Other people may find themselves running an inner dialogue of great diary entries. Whatever it takes to make life more than an exercise of 'just slogging along' is good. Find a wand for yourself and use it when you will. May the spark be with you.

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