My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Magic To Be Heard

It is wonderful to be heard, it is real balm to the spirit. How can you influence being heard? Two things come to mind. First, put yourself in the company of friendly people who are capable of listening and when they do listen to you show appreciation. There is a corollary to this first one. Learn to listen to yourself so that you don't need to run off at the mouth needlessly and boringly. That can close the ears of the most dedicated listeners. The second one comes from that corollary, make sure the line is open. Don't impose. Ask if the other person has time and is ready to listen to you. Show your appreciation for being heard. If the person who is giving you the gift of listening makes a comment or suggestion be polite about it. Later, when you are able to mull it over you might find out it is a real gem. Realize the other person is human and that if you take their self interest into consideration it is easier for them to listen to you. At one job I had the other workers would ask me to make requests of the boss, because, they said, he listened to me. I then analyzed the way in which I made my requests and realized I always thought of how those requests might affect him and phrased in a way that considered his good and the good of the business. Never close ears of your listeners by shouting, insulting them or whining. Expressing sorrow is not whining. Being self-centered is. The magic that surrounds you wants you to be heard. Reach out and let it happen. You have important things to express. May the spark be with you.

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