My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, July 19, 2010

Magic Can Deal With Fear

Fear and dread are debilitating. Sometimes the flight or fight response kicks in and we can deal with them short term. But other times we react in ways that messes us up such as snapping at people who are on our side, or lashing out in anger or violence. It feels so terrible when we are in the grip of dread our first concern is to make a change, any change. There is one problem with what are called the negative emotions, they come up so fast, because it is important we get the message that something is wrong rapidly, that judgment is often clouded. To get from the feeling of panic and paralysis, even denial, that hits to rationality magic is important. Remember, the magician is the one in charge of his or her life. She is able to use all resources to do good for her life. You may have developed mantras or spells for clarity of thought or meditation. Many people chant 'Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo' at times like this to quiet the outer mind. When I used to have to walk home from baby sitting in the dark as a teen, I found that rubbing the fingernail of the thumb on my right hand under the fingernail of my pointer finger was calming. The little spark that comes from the magic that surrounds you can be utilized to get you to the place where you can make the good decisions you need to make. If you have problems with fear such as bad cases of stage fright you can rationally set up a program of desensitization when you are calm. We don't want to be fearless. We just don't want it to get in our way. Courage is in how you handle fear. The skill set of thinking like a magician is the bridge from panic to courageous success. May the spark be with you.

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