My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Things that don't move can be balanced. But our lives need to flow forward in balance. We have different forces in play, some of which are opposed to each other, and so we have to work for that balance. One of the most common ways of getting out of balance is when our drive for achievement is in opposition to our need for self appreciation. It is easy to get upset with ourselves if we are not achieving at the rate or in the way we wish for. That dissatisfaction can be helpful at times, giving us an incentive to try hard enough to gain the goals we want. But it can also be destructive. We have to remember not to 'beat up on ourselves'. One way we can balance the drive to achieve with the need to be proud of ourselves is to more fully appreciate what we have done. There are many steps to accomplish in each task. Give yourself credit for each one of those. If you drove across the city safely, that is a major accomplishment. Many car crashes are reported on each traffic report. Give yourself credit for a good thing. If you took the trouble to face the idea of taking on a hard task, that too is good. In time you will take it on. If you continue to nurture yourself you will have the energy to finish that task. Balance is best achieved through awareness. When you go back over your day in the evening, you can look for ways that balance may have needed to be helped out, or you can appreciate the times you day was in a good balance. In the morning when you are contemplating your day you can plan on ways to ways to avoid getting out of balance. There is a business planning tool called CPM or critical path management. In any project there will be a part that will require more time, or energy or resources than other parts. It is critical that that part of the project be allocated the needed resources. Maybe you have a critical time when you will be worn out but need to face something tough. Plan ahead for ways to deal with that time of day. Hook into the energy of the magic around you to keep your life in balance. May the spark be with you.

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