My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Magic Flowers

There are many magic flowers in the garden of catalyst. All change agents are flowers that you can pick and appreciate. I have mentioned before about ways to change your perceptions or mood. If you can change your mood you can often move on to change your life. If any of these sound familiar they may still be useful to you. Change of position is a common change flower. If you are down you may be hanging your head down or looking down towards the ground. Look up towards the sky, towards blessings from heaven, towards life and it is hard to continue the negative chattering you have going on in your ear. Another change of position that can be helpful is to throw back your shoulders and free up your breathing. It is hard to take in the breath of life if you are all hunched over. You can also lift your palms to the sky and release all manner of things you no longer need to hold on to. The way you hold your body has a great deal to do with the energy you use. Experiment with position to find good energy for yourself. Your moods and movements affect the people around you. If you stand tall you will help others to stand tall. If you hold on to defeatist positions it will cause those around you to have less energy for joy and goodness in their life. So reach out for the energy of magic that is around you and find ways to position yourself to receive all the goodness you deserve. May the spark be with you.

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