My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Magic Of Free Association

Free association, or as it's sometimes called, day dreaming, is fun and very useful. Even though little boys in the classroom get scolded for it, letting your mind wander has many benefits. In business, when an idea for a new product or process is needed the people involved in solving the problem are encouraged to sit around a table and brain storm. In therapy free association in encouraged for healing purposes. But the ordinary magician can also benefit from letting the mind take trips. For one thing, you will be reminded that we live in a big glorious world, one in which problems may not be as important as you are trying to make them. Or you may realize that there are many solutions available for your problems. Ideas will come to you when you loosen up your mind to allow those ideas to come in. Sometimes I like to rest myself by looking at different objects around me and wondering about their origin. I may see a certain color of blue, perhaps the blue of the Greek flag, and I will imagine myself on a trip to that country. To make daydreaming easy just lean back, let your eyes go into a soft focus or close, and let the images and ideas come. Sometimes you may want to pick a theme before you start your trip. But don't be too rigid. The ideas and awareness you need will come to you. Take time to benefit from a bit of free association. May the spark be with you.

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