My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Hidden Blossoms

Our life is a process of discovery. We discover our fears, our loves, our talents, our sins against our self, our resources. Sometimes we wish we had made those discoveries earlier in our life. Other times it is well that the discovery waited until we were ready for it. What needs to flower in your life? How can you tell? There are many ways to nurture the flowering of our hidden blossoms if we will but look for them. Look at the news stories you pay attention to, at the T.V shows you watch, at the things you urge others to do, at the books you read from cover to cover versus the ones you skim through quickly. What is hard for you to do yet you still work to do it? I have learned for myself that I have beliefs that I share with others but dislike the stridency with which they try to sell those beliefs. That is why I think humor is such a wonderful gift. I revel in color and craftsmanship. I like complexity that is not so complex it can't be perceived. I like to talk with other people. I like to learn and see others learn. There are certain parts of the world I would like to see if subversion is possible, such as enclaves of power where human rights are ignored. As the magician of your own life I call you to look for your own secrets that are waiting to open up and enrich your life. Use the energy of the magic around you to let some of this awareness come
to you. You will live better having a deeper dimension to your goals. May the spark be with you.

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