My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paint The Whole Wall

We are often urged to be spontaneous, to paint in big strokes, to take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves. I am now going to point out the advantage of being thorough, inclusive and complete. Suppose you had some magic words to say to bring about a very important result. Could you afford to leave out even one word? Why do you think doctors tell us to take every one of the anti-biotic capsules they prescribe? A poorly painted wall is ugly and the blotches show up worse over time. Being careful and doing everything necessary is an important tool in magic, and in the achieving life. The planning, the preparation, the careful procedure, the attention to detail, looking for feed-back, going over the task to see if it is finished or can be done better are important and priceless parts of a well crafted whole. Then the wonderful extra presents itself--the chance for a spin-off or variations. Being careful does not lead to being slow or inefficient. Well done the first time means no need for do-overs. Focused performance does not waste time either.
Reach out now to do what you love and do it well. Action has a power to it. So does love. If you have to learn as you go, that is fine. Actually that is inevitable. Let the energy of the spark get you started on better health, better activities, a better life. May the spark be with you.

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