My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Magic Of Hope

I had a family member visit for a few days who is a health professional. She has a way of believing in health that gave me renewed life energy. I have hope that I can become healthier. The tips I got helped of course. It was that sense of 'why not?' that she exuded that was so great. I believe that this mind set is what great healers, great teachers and great leaders have naturally. I also believe that we can develop it in ourselves. Why not believe in miracles? They are all around us if we will but look. Why not believe in magic? It too abounds. To develop the habit of hope start out small. To hope for things that you fear are really impossible will set you up for anxiety. Hope for sunshine, for smiles, for good ideas, for common sense, for awareness. You will soon see that you are receiving and appreciating those things in abundance. Then move on to flexibility and tolerance. I hope that I can create laughable and memorable characters for my books from some of the terribly irritating people I run into too often. I hope I can have some more enjoyable experiences like I have already had. (I know I will.) I hope I remember to enjoy the roses that are blooming in my yard. I hope I appreciate the blessings that will come to me. To use hope to improve your life use it like a small paint brush in the hands of a great artist, lovingly paint small areas of the big picture. Let the energy of magic help you decide where to paint your hope. Small and loving is the best way. You will soon see bigger results. May the spark be with you.

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