My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Practice of Wellness

In my experience the people who most cry out for the need for change are those who practice resisting change. They practice looking down. They practice reciting their troubles. They practice feeling hopeless. An exercise that would help them, I believe, would be to take a page from the ballet dancers at practice. They have a big mirror and can watch themselves if they wish. But I would suggest that there be multiple mirrors so the watchers can watch themselves watching themselves watching themselves...and so on. When the mirrors stretch far enough it it harder to focus on the little scab that some like to pick at until it becomes a big wound. The practice of wellness calls for us to distance from trauma, to bless it and let it go, and to practice giving ourselves nurturing thoughts and experiences. Traumas happen. They take time, sometimes longer than realized, to heal. But there is an interlacing of goodness that starts to come right away as well. Let friendships happen. Enjoy the goodness they bring. Let joy come your way. If all you can get is five good minutes at a time, that is cause for celebration. Five good minutes is better than none. The seeds of wellness are small. But they take root easily and grow well if given a chance. Experiment with practicing small bits of wellness. Try breathing deeply. Drink plenty of water. Pay attention to your nutrition. Move. Smile. Get sleep. The magic that surrounds you will help you move towards higher and higher levels of wellness, physically and mentally, if you will just dare to reach out a bit. May the spark be with you.

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