My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Magic Of Counting

I am not referring to the use of numbers as some do in simplistic ways of referring to magic. The act of learning to count, of being aware of what you are doing with information, and what you have just done with information, is the beginning of higher levels of learning to use the mind. Calming yourself down so you can be clear minded, putting anxiety to one side in order to function more fully, listening for the essence of what is said, organizing ideas as to sequence or importance, are all thinking skills that some people do not learn to use. The wonderful thing about the brain is that it can be self aware and likes to learn. The rest of the body gets in on the act to help that process out. There are myriad physical sensations that you can learn to notice that are signals as to what is going on in the thinking process. The muscles, the organs, the eyes, the skin may all be giving you clues as to what ideas are whirling around in your head. Let all these messages help you form the finished thought. Suppose you want to develop your skills in organizing a project. A key word or picture can be the hook. Then try using the skill you want to develop, paying attention to what goes on with your mind as you try this out. Maybe you will feel a great tiredness, or find other distractions cropping up. Review how you did at this skill when you take a break. Try some more. Brain use is like any other skill. You keep at it, refine your attempts at it, plan ways to do it better, and remember what you have done to develop this skill. Also you must get a feel for using this skill. The feeling of listening to someone and understanding what they are saying is different from listening to them and feeling confused. Your brain is a magic tool. Learn to use it well. The spark of magic can help you take on this wonderful challenge. May the spark be with you.

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