My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, June 25, 2010

How Are You Smart? How Is Your SQ?

In 1995 Daniel Goleman wrote a book called 'Emotional Intelligence' in which he pointed out the importance of well balanced emotional health for life success. A person's EQ was looked upon as important as one's IQ. Character education became part of the curriculum in many school districts and parents and educators began to look at a more wholistic view in raising and educating children. Since this is a life-long process we can all look at ourselves in a more broad and nurturing way. We can appreciate that we are multi-faceted gems. It is not just the "positive" emotions that can help us, however. Every emotion has its purpose. I suggest that the ability to recognize our silliness is a very good thing. We worry and pressure ourselves because we do want to succeed. That is good. Unless the worry pulls us down too much.
The pressure keeps us focused so we do see signs of change or progress. However, the silly thing is that we may perceive an absence of pain or angst and fail to celebrate it as the milestone it is on the road to our goal. I suggest you cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself. Not to put yourself down. But as a way to notice when you get an aha moment and almost missed it. Develop a Silliness Quotient. Make games. Look for every sign you can find of progress. Notice your stupidity and silliness. Love yourself for noticing it and changing it. Life is one big long learning process. Since so much is brand new it's a wonder we ever get anything right. But we do. That is a magical thing. Use the energy of the magic around you to walk forward courageously, noticing all the different ways you are smart. Let your silliness teach you. May the spark be with you.

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